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5 Tips to Grow Your Hair Fast!

Hi BFFs!!! I've been super busy on social media and missed blogging BIGTIME! So of course, as always, I had to come back to where it all started bffwithkimberlycaines.com! Today's post is all about growing your hair mainly because I am on a mission to grow my hair about 1 inch longer before summer! Lately my hair seems to curl more than usual, making it seem shorter. So to combat this, I'm just gonna let it grow. Below are 5 things I'm doing right now to help my hair grow faster. Mind you... These are just things I'm doing. By no means am I a hair-pro... The opposite actually... I'm not good at styling my hair at all. My hair is a work in progress, especially after an incident at the hair sa

Lashes Like Lash Extensions? Yeah Right! | Mascara Review | Thrive Causemetics

Hey BFFs... In this video I'm testing and reviewing the Thrive Causemetics" Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara. This mascara took Instagram by storm and made me super curious so I had to try it myself. Watch to see if this mascara is worth your $24. Enjoy. #mascara #mascarareview #thrivecausemetics