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I Did the STRIVECTIN 28-DAY SKIN RESET TRIAL | Skincare Review

January 19, 2019

Hi everyone. I did the 28-DAY STRIVECTIN SKIN RESET TRIAL and I am super excited to share this skincare review with you!


Lack of sleep, fatigue, bad makeup products and poor eating habits were taking a toll on my skin. My vibrant glow was slowly diminishing and replaced with fatigued, tired and dull looking skin. Therefore, when StriVectin approached me about their brand-new 28-Day Skin Reset Intensive Rejuvenation System, I was eager to try it. You might know from my blog that I used to have horrible adult acne, so I am super careful about what I put on my skin. Fortunately, I was familiar with StriVectin and knew they had a great reputation so I was eager to try it.


Watch as I take you along on my 4-week journey and tell you more about the Skin Reset System and its effect on my skin. I included many before and after pictures so you can form your own opinion. None of the footage/photos in this video have been altered.



FEATURED: STRIVECTIN 28-DAY SKIN RESET SYSTEM You can purchase the Strivectin 28-day Skin Reset system at Ulta or just click the following link: https://bit.ly/2CJMvPN


This video was sponsored by StriVectin, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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